Endangering Your Health Does Not Mean Hard-work

Working hard to bring your dreams into this reality. That’s the popular idea. And it has its pros and cons. Either way, your health may suffer due to your poor time management. Or should it be efforts management?

They say that we all should replace the phrase Time Management with Priority Management, I suppose.

It would be so nice. Instead of trying to fit many activities in the fixed twenty-four hours; we would pause to think for a second. “Is this activity meaningful, necessary or replaceable?” Yes, that’s the question.

Hard-work has nothing to do with Over-Thinking, Over-Documentation and Over-Planning.

— @akp51v | Twitter

Does the report of five extra pages represent your hard-work? Are all the meetings equal in the terms of their outcomes? Was every detail necessary for the goals you’ve achieved so far?

The answers are not clear. And this is the very nature of this life. You might be a new-born baby, or a near-death elder; you never know when your efforts should stop.

A cup of coffee and a book on a bridge near a lake. This photo represents relaxation amid the usual stresses in life.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

So, try to notice it when you are ‘appearing’ to work hard, at the expense of your psychological or physical well-being.

And when you are consumed by the daily treadmill of work, don’t forget your power-naps, hobbies and other ways of relaxing.

Time to write a private journal, perhaps? Maybe you should start blogging.

I know this: it helps a lot.

Hi, I am AK who blogs on SummaryMaster51v Dark Edition. It’s a dark mode blog with 30+ articles on various topics. I do a lot of reading and a bit of freelance writing.

ak@akp51v.com | akp51vmedia@gmail.com | LinkedIn



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