Practical Focused Work Tips

Concentration is a virtue. As long as you don’t overthink, it is a blessing indeed.

But the modern era refuses to let us stop.

Part of the reason, is our insatiable desire for getting distracted. To stop the boredom, we distract ourselves. From time to time, we find the toys or the experiences, which only drive us away from our main route.

The objectives might be far away but instead of some ideological charts, let’s just try to see if some more brutal solution, help us or not.

Lock your Phone in the Drawer, Cupboard or the Locker. For HOURS.

If your work doesn’t strictly need your phone, you better abandon it. Yes, it will be tough for many. I tried it and I was quitting too early.

We are hardwired to stay glued to the screen. The deeper our fear of boredom, the longer we keep scrolling mindlessly.

But ask yourself:

If you can achieve something more meaningful than the dopamine kicks, by not indulging in this Casino of Artificial Self-gratification; why not quit it in real ways.

No need of installing another App just for monitoring and controlling your smartphone use. Absolutely detach yourself from the device. Let the harbinger of temptation be sullied by the darkness of your cupboard.

So, you can breathe freely. And work with an alert mind.

Use the old but gold style, of Pen and Paper, when the work doesn’t involve instant calculations.

While for the number-crunching, using a Worksheet Processor such as MS Excel or Google Docs is mandatory, you can first write your other Drafts on paper.

Paper and Ink will help you focus.

And you will definitely focus better. Compared to ‘clicking’ or ‘swiping’, handling a Pen on a Paper needs more muscular efforts. You have to hold the pen and regulate the pressure. The pen must be inclined at a suitable angle. You can sense the texture of the paper. And the friction or smoothness of the tip of pen.

In short, more of your physical assets are engaged with the act of writing.

Thus, your concentration wins the day.

Listen to the Music. Preferably, the instrumental one.

Earphones may or may not damage your eardrums. But the lack of focus will damage your productivity.

So, sing. Or hear someone else singing. However, the best way of disciplining your mind is listening to the rhythm. The rhyming of a Music Track, shall liberate your full potential.

Don’t restrict yourself to a genre.

Different objectives or timeframes will need special type of music. In other words, if you are working with patience towards excellence and zero errors, you can benefit from the calming music. If it’s urgent work, use faster, louder and more harsh music.

And enjoy it, without losing your workflow. Who knows, the music will help you in being one with your work. To achieve the Flow State, music is a nice catalyst.

That’s it.

These three Practical Tips can help you more, than any App or Thick Book. Why?

Because these tips are grounded in Actions.

There are no sophisticated categories for such tips. Buy it or forget it. Just try each one at least for a month.

All the best unwinding the shackles of Digital Consumptive Addiction (lengthy jargon, sorry).

Just stay safe and embrace all of your senses, instead of the screens.

AK blogs at SummaryMaster51v Dark Edition.



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