Search Engines are important, but not more than the Creative Spirit

An artist may be trained, with a tradition of the rules, the form and the discipline; but to prosper beyond that, which becomes cliched or predictable, a varying combination of the deliberately broken norms, is of the greatest significance.

When the norms dictate and regulate your spirit, instructing you that instead of creating something meaningful, new and of unique value; one should respond to the mechanistic and linear algorithms, devoid of any emotions… Then the time is right, to test the unpopular but original directions, just to make a joke out of it.

One has to be able, to play with the words, the conjunctions, and the juxtapositions, so as to write organically. And what can be a better guru, than the artist’s own life memoirs?

For many eons, our ancestors had been passing down their knowledge, in the form of the stories, either as folklore or as the music of poetry. They had no statistics, and they had no graphs. Neither the stylus, nor the camcorder, was available in the age they lived. Still, with the jaw-dropping and heart-throbbing creative usage, of symbolism in the form of the animals, and the daily routine objects; those who had walked before us, would be more honest with their opinions and life-lessons.

They have become the unclear paintings, of the worn and torn paper, in some museum or within the fanless books, on the dust eating shelves… of the libraries.

Thus, we ought to be grounded in the reality, and in the literature. No form of communication, should be mistreated, by anyone. For if we lock ourselves, to a single mould (or genre, niche), only to behold the Great Almighty Search Engines; we may risk losing the personal humane touch, from our craft. One would only wonder, if anything could be any more tragic, than that.

About the Writer: AK blogs at SummaryMaster51v Dark Edition.



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