The Parallel Disagreements and the Endless Debates

Arguing with anyone who seeks nothing else other than being the sole advocate of the personally invented indisputable ‘truth’, is nothing but a complete waste of time. Those, who truly desire to know more and who might be open to accept a different perspective, wouldn’t cross the reasonable baseline of the mutual respect and the ethics in general, in any form of some meaningful conversation.

A digital illustration featuring two disagreeing persons representing a Social Media Comments War. Symbolism by akp51v.
My attempt at some DIY Digital art (maybe) dedicated to this piece only.

Interestingly, ignoring those who shall get no attention from any rational mind might be the wisest choice; yet they often get a publicity boost as well as a lot of free attention, for their capacity to generate and propagate some controversy.

Amid the abundance of such a wealth of poor-quality content, how does one navigate, to experience that which matters in the real life for the long term?

No clue, it is up to you; since any and every form of the guidance is bound to end up into a Newsletter Subscription, or an E-book.

And regret not, my fellow human being; as our capacity to impolicy is so vast, that we would fight with the words, even in the e-commerce review section, citing each other directly or obliquely.

Oh, my beloved self, you had that naïve innocence which still believes that the optimal solution to this situation, lies within the time limits

How often does the time allocated for any ‘debate’, seem to have been distributed in an uneven manner, amongst the participating voices of the noisy homo sapiens? Any records on that? Doing time-limits is really wonderful for the brainstorming sessions, isn’t it? Of course, the presumption herein includes the tiny possibility, that a few meetings would suffice to arrive at the practically significant decisions.

The rest of the story, is to be experienced ourselves.

May the comments and the commandments (of computing) be blessed with the pure wisdom of the indifference and the selective re-sharing, and the Earth be liberated from the thinking animals whose consciousness has been already compromised, due to the non-application of the brain while consuming any content.

As far as changing someone’s perspective is concerned, the primitive instincts within us all wouldn’t let it happen.

Who knows, maybe that’s for the best, in the world where graphs are used as if, those were the only solid proof. for something to be ‘made look-authentic’, without citing any dates or the statistical sampling methods, employed for their parent surveys.

Funniest part? Neither side of any debate, is ever accurate, honest or humble.

About the Writer: AK blogs at SummaryMaster51v Dark Edition.



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